Año Canción Intérprete(s) Tier Genero
1978 "Runnin' with the Devil" Van Halen 1. Opening Licks Hard Rock
2008 "A-Punk" Vampire Weekend 1. Opening Licks Surf Rock
2000 "Disposable Teens" Marilyn Manson 1. Opening Licks Alt. Metal
1984 "Ballroom Blitz" Krokus 1. Opening Licks Glam Metal
1989 "Epic" Faith No More 1. Opening Licks (encore) Funk Metal
1990 "Got the Time" Anthrax 2. Amp Warmers Thrash Metal
1976 "Jailbreak" Thin Lizzy 2. Amp Warmers Hard Rock
2000 "Hate to Say I Told You So" The Hives 2. Amp Warmers Garage Punk
1967 "Love Me Two Times" The Doors 2. Amp Warmers Blues Rock
1991 "Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana 2. Amp Warmers (encore) Grunge
2001 "Bodies" Drowning Pool 3. String Snappers Nu Metal
1994 "Basket Case" Green Day 3. String Snappers Punk Rock
1973 "20th Century Boy" T. Rex 3. String Snappers Glam Rock
1982 "Electric Eye" Judas Priest 3. String Snappers Heavy Metal
1987 "Sweet Child o' Mine" Guns N' Roses 3. String Snappers (encore) Hard Rock
1983 "Looks That Kill" Mötley Crüe 4. Return of the Shred Glam Metal
1991 "Sad but True" Metallica 4. Return of the Shred Thrash Metal
1982 "Rock this Town" Stray Cats 4. Return of the Shred Blues Rock
2005 "Best of You" Foo Fighters 4. Return of the Shred Alt. Rock
1971 "Roundabout" Yes 4. Return of the Shred (encore) Prog. Rock
2004 "Slither" Velvet Revolver 5. Relentless Riffs Hard Rock
1962 "Misirlou" Dick Dale 5. Relentless Riffs Surf Rock
1986 "Modern Day Cowboy" Tesla 5. Relentless Riffs Glam Metal
1986 "Walk This Way" Run DMC ft. Aerosmith 5. Relentless Riffs Hard Rock
1989 "Play with Me" Extreme 5. Relentless Riffs (encore) Heavy Metal
1990 "Cowboys from Hell" Pantera 6. Furious Fretwork Heavy Metal
1983 "The Trooper" Iron Maiden 6. Furious Fretwork Heavy Metal
2005 "Beast and the Harlot" Avenged Sevenfold 6. Furious Fretwork Hard Metal
2006 "Knights of Cydonia" Muse 6. Furious Fretwork Prog. Rock
1990 "Hangar 18" Megadeth 6. Furious Fretwork (encore) Thrash Metal
2013 "The Looking Glass" Dream Theater Credits Prog. Rock
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